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All Certified Inspection Experts (R) for use of the Trademark, must in accordance with the USPTO filing do the following:

1. Exceed the minimal industry standards in a meaningful way- by delivering warranty protection from a qualified provider or check for recalls utilizing RecallChek, or exceed the standards in other ways that involve delivering, in a valuable way, more than just an inspection.

2. Guarantee Satisfaction 100% with a cash back guarantee. This can be limited in time frame of course.

3. Have true third party verification of quality through The Inspector Services Group.

Additionally, as of 12/17/16, all Certified Inspection Experts, for use of the mark as granted by it's owner, the inspection company owner must:

4. Be a member of a national or regional inspection association OR be licensed as a home inspector where applicable.

5. Be in business for a minimum of 3 years.

6. Must meet or exceed all continuing education requirements for such association or licensure as outlined in item 4 or have over 100 credit hours of education where no other standard exist.

7. Must submit to periodic or random criminal background checks.

These now 7 qualifications take the mark of the Certified Inspection Expert to a higher level than any other Certification in existence today- with real benefits for the end user client.

Certified Inspection Expert